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USA,  Florida,  Clearwater,  33764-6599,  18200 Us Highway 19 N


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Orange Blossom Groves, Company

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Holiday Red Navel Oranges
In stock 
Here's an Orange of a different color! Luscious red flesh and spicy sweet flavor make this one truly unique. They may look like our seedless Navel Oranges on the outside, but inside they're a deep gorgeous red-filled with spicy sweet nectar. Fabulous in fruit salads, a special gift for orange...
Group: Grapefruits
Fruit Fanfare Gift
In stock 
Sound the trumpets... this gourmet Florida fruit gift deserves a bit of fanfare. In addition to our popular Indian River sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit, Navel Oranges and Tangelos, we've added something extra. Not one, but two trays of Jellied Fruit Slices and Chocolate Dipped Coconut Patties. Shipped...
Group: Compositions from fruits
Treasure Coast Tangerines
In stock 
The fruit kids ask for because it's sweet and easy to eat. We guarantee these extraordinary Tangerines are unlike any you've ever tasted or peeled. Our thin-skinned beauties magically "unzip" to reveal a heavenly sweetness. Picked, packed and shipped with special care - Hale's Treasure Coast...
Group: Mandarins
Honeybell Oranges
In stock 
Experience the rare pleasure known to Florida fruit connoisseurs. For years the rumors flew: Somewhere in the remote backwaters, up the creeks that feed Florida's Indian River, there grew a fruit so rare- so sublimely sweet and delicious- that most growers and grove hands would deny its very...
Group: Oranges
Sweet White Grapefruits
In stock 
Indian River Romance: This genuine Old Florida classic delivers a true taste of the past. Allowed to ripen fully on the tree, our Sweet White Grapefruit are a welcome guest at any connoisseur's table. Known for their thin smooth skin and big roll-up-your-sleeves flavor, filed with an abundance of...
Group: Citrus fruits
Authentic Deep South Honeys
In stock 
Your Gift Includes... Distinctive flavors, colors and character that supermarket honey just can't match. It's a win-win situation. Citrus growers get their trees pollinated...and local beekeepers get to make extraordinary honeys like these! Try some on toast or in your next cup of tea. You'll...
Group: Honey
South Florida Mangos
In stock 
These are the kind we grow for ourselves in our own backyards. In the wide world of tropical fruit, nothing tops our prized Florida Mangos. To slice and eat one fresh off the tree is a fruit-lover's dream come true. Fragrant as a tropical bouquet, glowing as the Florida sunset, these big plump...
Group: Mango
Fruit Assortment Holiday Wreath
In stock 
Here's a generous gift of luscious fruit for family, friends and business associates. Gift box includes a wreath-like display featuring fresh-picked Navel Oranges, huge Ruby Red Grapefruit, luscious D'Anjou Pears, crisp Fuji Apples and fine foil wrapped Deluxe Chocolates. Hale's Holiday Wreath is...
Group: Compositions from fruits
Orange Marmalade
In stock 
This beautiful keepsake box includes our original Orange Marmalade, Hale's Tangerine Marmalade and Honeybell Marmalade. A grove fresh assortment to top off a muffin, toast or use in recipes. Three 10 ounce jars.
Group: Fruit jelly
Ruby Red Grapefruit
In stock 
So sweet you can skip the sugar! And they're seedless too! There's no mistaking Hales world-renowned Ruby Red Grapefruit. These plump, thin skinned favorites are a blushing red and dripping with nature's own sweet nectar. These "sweet elite" fruit favorites are hand selected and packed to bring...
Group: Grapefruits


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